Russia and Ukraine Genealogical Research

Vladimir - a translator, genealogy researcher

Genealogical Research in Russia and Ukraine

We specialize in genealogical research in regions where Ukraine and Russian languages are spoken, typically the Ukraine and Russia.

We do translations of letters from English into Russian, Ukrainian, including Western Ukrainian dialects.

We can help you look for living relatives and trace your family history.

Emigration from Eastern Europe

From the 1890s to the 1920s many people emigrated from Eastern Europe, particularly the Ukraine and Russia.

Many of these emigrants settled in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia, never to see their extended families again.

Relatives died and connections were lost, and new generations replaced the old.

Today, descendants of those original emigres are now living in various western countries and many wish to research their genealogy and look for living relatives.

This might be you, for example.

Localized Genealogical Research in the Ukraine and Russia

Today, with modern technology and the internet, these families can be reunited and family histories can be traced.

However, just using the internet is not enough, and we believe our service has several key advantages:

We speak both Russian and the Ukrainian languages

We also speak and write in English and German, so we can break the language barrier for you.

We can travel quickly and easily in Russia and Ukraine

We have local knowledge and can easily travel to a particular city or village in East Europe in order to look for and verify local records of people who emigrated.

Cost of research

We can save you the cost of travel, time and can be very much more effective than yourself in this type of research.

An American Partner

We also partner our services with another Genealogical Researcher, Laurence Krupnak, who is a Counselor at the Washington, DC LDS Family History Center.

He is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

In addition, Mr. Krupnak has been approved by the United States National Archives and Records Administration to conduct research in National Archive facilities for clients.

Let us help you search effectively.

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